A Little Bit About Us…


I am a strong believer in fate but I also believe that we control our own destiny. After all, it was fate that brought me to the brownie business and destiny that brought me back more than five years later. While teaching in Cleveland, Ohio I began baking brownies as a hobby. Eventually a hobby was turned into a nationally recognized brownie company and an elementary school teacher became a CEO. Featured on CNN’s “ Business Unusual ”; Food Networks “ Best Of ”; The Secret Life Of… Brownies , NBC’s The Today Show as “The Perfect Brownie”;  as well as Rachael Ray  and the  winner of Entrepreneur Magazines “ Name to Fame Contest ”, Brownie Points have found their way into the hearts and stomachs of brownie connoisseurs across the country and internationally.

About Us 


Originally created in my family’s Cleveland kitchen while working as a school teacher, I baked and filled orders. As business soared and we outgrew our kitchen, Brownie Points evolved into a complete baking and manufacturing facility. The company was thriving! Unfortunately, my husband’s job required our family to relocate to Columbus, Ohio. Originally, I commuted two hours each way between my new home and my business in Cleveland to keep things going. As time went on the travel and distance away took its toll and I knew it was time for a change. Rather than see my business fail, I sold out, knowing in my heart that one day Brownie Points would return to its rightful owner. That day came sooner than expected. Unfortunately I was going through a divorce and becoming a single mom. I knew I needed to support my family and that was when Brownie Points came back into my life


I invested my entire savings and with the help of my family and friends, resurrected Brownie Points. Eventually I generated enough business and once again took the leap of faith and opened my own manufacturing facility. Fortunately, dedication and perseverance paid off because Brownie Points is now entering a new era as am I!   We are now focused on large contracts and corporate sales.  From a 1400 square foot facility in 1991 the company now occupies a 6,000 square foot production facility in Columbus, Ohio. We have also made our entry into the kosher market. Throughout this adventure I met my husband, who ironically owned his own popcorn business. It was love at first sight and over time the 2 mergers took place! The offspring of our marriage and companies also lead to our newest addition, a baby boy Max!


All this said nothing worthwhile comes easy and each day brings a new challenge. I not only bought back a company, I gained a new life, a new perspective, independence, and taught my children they can do anything they want. We appreciate what we have and what it took to get there.  Brownie Points Inc. has found the recipe for success.


We hope you enjoy these treats!